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Telling the beginning of my story is hard. I never thought I would own a company, but I started to clean by myself and with only two houses and they loved my work and they started to tell their family and friends and the moment came where I had my whole week full, even Saturdays. It took a while to notice that I needed someone to help me. I talked to a friend and I taught her my secrets on how to keep the client happy, because my clients are all-different and have different needs.

I learned fast and we started to take on more and more houses, I later returned to my country and I got new helpers so they could do the work with care and devotion.

We are careful and are detailed with our cleaning to keep our clients satisfied. We are devoted to our work and we show it by always doing our job with happy attitudes, and by paying attention to our clients’ needs. They trust us with their houses so we can clean them and we reply with the quality desired and an affordable price so they keep on using our services and give us new clients.

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About Us

My company has grown, my clients have too. From 2 houses in 2001 to on average 100 houses in 2008. And keeping most of the ones I started with. In our company we offer professional Commercial, Residential and New-construction cleaning since 2000. We are in this very competitive market, so we have well-trained our team to be a company of excellence. We have extensive experience and cleaning professionals.

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In addition to our services, our team offers to be punctual, respectful, kind and always with a smile and positive attitude with our customers. Always keeping in mind that…A satisfied customer will always keep being OUR customer.

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Based on customers’ needs, we implement our service to cover every aspect of their needs. Our services include Honesty, Hardworking and Good judgment to fulfill your expectations. Our work is guaranteed, we know that a satisfied customer is a customer that speaks well of our company and is more than happy to share our services with friend and family.

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